The Place

A Healing Vet offers a complete range of quality veterinary services for your pets, including both traditional and alternative therapies.

After a devastating pipe break and flood, A Healing Vet underwent a complete renovation in 2011, leading to a beautiful, new, state of the art facility. The upgraded equipment includes a top of the line DR digital x-ray unit, providing better quality radiographs for everyone from a turtle to a tiger. A Healing Vet also offers a Class IV therapeutic laser for non-invasive pain relief and healing. These lasers are widely used in the human field to reduce inflammation, promote quicker recoveries from injuries or surgery, and eliminate the causes of chronic pain. Most pets love being treated, often falling asleep during a session. For more information on therapeutic lasers, go to http://www.litecure.com/companion/for-pet-owners/

A Healing Vet’s goal is to provide caring and comprehensive veterinary services for all species. The key to having a healthier (and happier) pet is through preventative care; one of the most important components is having a complete physical examination of all the pet’s vital systems yearly to establish a baseline and to catch any potential problems early while they are still easy to correct. Our basic services include vaccinations, skin and ear care, parasite control, dental cleanings and extractions, spays, and neutering. Puppies, kittens, and geriatric pets often need examinations twice a year. We encourage all pet owners to microchip their pets.  Every vaccination program is tailored to the individual pet’s needs.

A Healing Vet also offers a comprehensive range of services. If your pet is seriously ill we have an isolation room for intensive care; other ill or injured animals can be hospitalized and monitored overnight if needed. While some laboratory tests, such as stool examinations, are performed at the hospital, our local veterinary laboratory picks up samples twice daily for the fastest response time. The separate surgical suite has the latest in anesthesia and surgical equipment to enable A Healing Vet to provide the best possible anesthetic and surgical care for your pet, for procedures ranging from a routine spay or neuter to a complicated orthopedic procedure or tumor removal. For example dental cleanings can often be performed with minimal sedation for older pets; a local anesthetic can be used for pain free extractions. All pets are held, talked to, and comforted while recovering from anesthesia instead of just recovering in a cage.

Reproductive timing, breeding, and artificial insemination services have been a special interest for Dr. Connor, since she is a breeder herself. 

Dr. Connor has provided house call services to the Puget Sound area since 1985. If it is inconvenient or difficult to transport your pet to the hospital, Dr. Connor can come to your home to examine and treat your pet. A peaceful, dignified euthanasia service can also be performed in the comfort of your home with the option of burial or cremation. 

Dr Connor also periodically makes and sells a frozen, mostly organic, healing diet for dogs that is available in several sizes and combinations of all-natural ingredients.

The Seattle area is fortunate to have many board-certified veterinary specialists. If needed, A Healing Vet can refer you to excellent oncologists, surgeons, cardiologists, ophthalmologists, dentists, radiologists, and others for coordinated care. We accept most major insurance plans.

  1. Mountlake Terrace is located near several all-night emergency services. If you have an after-hours emergency that is life-threatening for your pet, please call the closest facility for care. If it is not an acute emergency, you may leave a message at our phone number (425 778-6363), and Dr. Connor will return your call as soon as possible.